Could not find documentation on how to use Buzzer on Arduino Primo

I have used tone() on the Arduino Uno to make an external Piezo buzzer work, but the Primo is connected directly to a pin on a chip (according to a schematic), not an I/O pin.

So, how does one command the buzzer on the Primo? The tone() function document does not mention this problem and a search of the internet has not been helpful.

Anyone have a clue?

PS: They are still selling Arduino Primo in the stores. For them, please put this info in the Reference section.

See here:

I found that by googling "Arduino Primo" and selecting the first or second link.

On that page:

Following the LED_BUILTIN tradition, Arduino Primo has some other define that you can use in your sketches. Following, the complete list.

LED_BUILTIN - Pin 9 - LED_BUILTIN is the L9 Led onboard
BUZZER - Pin 35 - Manage the buzzer onboard
USER1_BUTTON - Pin 34 - used also in some Low Power library functionalities
USER2_BUTTON - Pin 44 - It isn’t possible to attach an Interrupt
USER2_LED - Pin 38 - User2 Led onboard
BLE_LED - Pin 40 - BLE led onboard

OMG!!! How did I miss it. Sorry to waste your time.