could not find the main class, Program will exit

I download the 008 version for windows, save it to my desktop and unzip with Winzip. I click on Arduino.exe and I get a message saying " could not find the main class, Program will exit" Any ideas what I am doing wrong. I was hoping to get it downloaded before my kit arrives. Thanks

Did you preserve the folder structure when you extracted it? Are you sure it download completely? Also, try using the run.bat instead of the arduino.exe.

Thanks for reply. I'm afraid I may be a bit more computer illiterate than most Arduino users. The file saved is 46.7 MB in size. As far as the structure, how do I know if the folder structure is preserved. Winzip automatically unzips . I found and clicked on the the run.bat file and I get "system cannot find the file" but not sure how to open it? Thanks again.

Inside the Arduino folder, are there other sub-folders (and just a few files) or are there a bunch (dozens or hundreds) of files?

After unzipping, there is a "view" option inside winzip. If I "view all files" there is hundreds of files. If I view "files by folder" there is 8 folders and 8 seperate files not in folders. I can switch back and forth between the views.

Ahah. It sounds like you're just viewing a the contents of the zipped file rather than extracting them in a permanent way. In this state, Winzip will let you open individual files, but because they're still actually zipped, the Arduino.exe file can't find the other files it needs to work. You'll need to tell Winzip to "extract" the files somewhere.

Excellent-got program just need to wait for kit, assemble, and figure what I just got myself into..Thanks for your help, Rob