Could not programm the board

Hello, I am trying to upload code to my arduino MEGA 2560.

I don’t know why it won’t upload to it. Does anyone know how to fix this

thanks in advance

Are you sure you have a USB Data cable, and not just Power/Gnd? Does Device Manager show any errors for the Ports?

There is a forum section specifically for the Arduino Create Editor:

where the Create Editor developers even sometimes will offer assistance. If you encounter Create Editor specific problems in the future I recommend you to post in that forum section (don’t repost this issue, I’ve already requested it to be moved). I don’t use Create Editor much so I’m not sure what the “Could not program the board” error actually means. It’s frustrating that they have diverged from the standard IDE in many ways.

You should check the “Console: show verbose output” option in Preferences, try uploading again, and then post the full output from the console window here as text USING CODE TAGS (</> button on the toolbar). Unless it’s something that can’t be conveyed via text, don’t post screenshots, they will make it much less likely for you to get help here.

Just a casual observation but you may want to close down a few apps.

What you need to do before you go any further is provide a LOT more information.

VITAL information that you should also provide on your next post include the following.

Actual problem description ?
OS including version ?
Browser you use including version ?
Types of USB port being used with the Arduinos ?
Arduino board type being used ? (doesnt matter if its a clone as they are also catered for)
Copies of any error reports seen. (PLEASE use code tags ( </> ) to post those errors) ?

Other things to try to get a bit more information.
Before loading any sketches got straight to PREFERENCES and turn on ALWAYS SHOW OUTPUT PANEL and CONSOLE SHOW VERBOSE OUTPUT"

If there is anything in the lower console you can copy it out and paste it back here using code tags.
Its a little more detail and could be very useful.

@Susanou, we see you are not using an official Arduino Mega, is that true? I just tried and I can compile correctly on an official Mega on my PC. Can you successfully compile on that board using the Desktop IDE?

Thanks for your report