Could not reconnect after resetting board

I am using a Chromebook 3380 with the Arduino Create for Education extension.
The board I am using is an Arduino Leonardo.
I am trying to upload a Centipede - Chromebook Deployments Amplified IT script but it also failed using the example blink sketch.

Here is the bit from the console:
''Sketch uses 3956 bytes (13%) of program storage space. Maximum is 28672 bytes.

Global variables use 149 bytes (5%) of dynamic memory, leaving 2411 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2560 bytes.

Upload started

Programming with: avrgirl-arduino flash -f undefined -a leonardo -p /dev/ttyACM1

resetting board..."

After the resetting happens it shows a red banner and says:
could not reconnect after resetting board

There is a standard procedure for recovering from a bricked Leonardo or other 32U4 based board. Consult the Leonardo documentation for details.

The board is not bricked. I can use it on my windows machine and upload sketches and everything just fine. I think it something with the extension or the Chromebook but I don't know enough to figure it out.

On the Leonardo the com port often changes after the board resets . Upload your program , then look again to see what com port it’s on

It is still the same port.
When I plug it in, it loads and shows up as /dev/ttyAMC1
After the reset and it tries to reconnect it is still /dev/ttyAMC1
I also expanded it and started the upload and watched it the whole time to make sure.