Could not scan for EEPROM, 24CW64X ,4-balls

Hi Everyone!

I recently bought a few EEPROM of type 24CW64X ,4-balls. The data sheet is as shown here:

I have connected the 4 balls on this memory device, according to their supply voltage (Vcc), ground voltage (Vss), Serial data Pin( SDA) and serial clock input (SCL), to the Arduino Uno, and connected pull-up resistors of 2kOhms (as mentioned in the data sheet) to both the SDA and SCL.

However, when i tried scanning for this device using the code from this website:

, I usually get errors for some of the EEPROMs such as: "No device found."

or errors such as: "Unknown error at address 0x25 Unknown error at address 0x30 Unknown error at address 0x55"

I am thinking that this memory device may require me to first remove the write protect or to perhaps change the slave address first through the Hardware Address Register?

I am stuck now at this stage, and being a beginner in electronics and coding, it will be great if any one can provide help. Thank you very much!