Could there be a 7660 laying around?

I had a Mega that went belly up so I decided to get a Due … not realizing my shields wouldn’t work without some modifications ‘due’ to the 3.3v requirement of the new Arduino…

So I was reading a thread about the 16x2 LCD display and someone commented:

Insert a 7660 voltage pump as U3 and 10uF Tantalums as C1 and C2, open J1. that’s it.

I see on the circuit board of the display itself exactly where those things go, but I’m wondering…

Could there be something electronic that I might have laying around that would have a 7660 in it?

Like what kinds of devices might I find one of these in? Id rather salvage than make a new purchase if I can.

See attached pic to see how easy this would be…

Thank you,


The 7660 is a pretty exotic device, and you won't find it in any commercial made electronics IMHO.

What you can find in your junkpile is probably a MAX232 or similar TTL/Serial transciever. It contains charge pump circuitry and you can tap off the negative and positive voltage at it's supporting caps.

// Per.