Could volume be stopping my sensors from receiving IR signal?

So I m having a strange issue with a product. When I put the volume up the sensors delay in receiving IR signals. When I put volume down to 2 in our firmware then the IR receiving works perfect. I m not an engineer or coder but I would love to hear if anyone has some thoughts on what would cause this to happen. Signal from IR can be received perfectly at low to no volume but the moment the volume is up suddenly there is delays in receiving the signal. Example with volume low 10 signals a 1 sec can be received but if volume is set to max the sensors only receive 3 signals per 1 second. =(

Sounds like something is sending the audio over IR. So you have any IR wireless headphones?

If you want any real help you will have to describe "system", "sensor", "volume" and "firmware" more explicitly. Showing the code is probably necessary.