Countdown Clock

For my first Arduino project I'd like to make a standalone clock with a digital display that can take an input date one way or another (month and day) and then displays the number of days until the specified date. I'm in a long distance relationship currently and it's a gift idea for my significant other. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Welcome to Arduino.

Do a search ( within arduinos search engine top right ) on "countdown days" or " days left " and so on, I am sure I have seen similar projects.
And have a look at the " time" library, I think there is a function to give the days. ( or seconds ) from y2k ( remember that abreviation ?, and all the fears it bought :slight_smile:

Try putting a sketch together, and post it ( select your actual code part of the sketch and click on the hash ( insrt code ) symbol above the text panel , this will keep the posting shorter ) and there are thousands of guys who can help, and dont worry about silly mistakes, nobody will laugh, we all did it !

"we all did it !"

Ha! Many of us still do!

Write a sketch that will take in 2 dates via USB/Serial port from the IDE monitor, do the math, and drive the display. 3 digits be enough?
Do you need large digits, will small 7-segment display kind of digits do?
For example:

“we all did it !”

Ha! Many of us still do!

DAILY! :smiley:

@Quadrophonic84, one suggestion, if you haven’t already, break the project into pieces and conquer one at a time, then put it all together. For instance, just print the countdown to the serial monitor for starters. Might be easier than figuring out the LED hardware at the same time (although that serial display that CrossRoads linked does make things easier.)

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I’ll be digging into this over the next couple weeks. Again, thanks for your time.