Countdown timer

Hi I'm new to Arduino and am wondering if I can write a code that allows a countdown timer to be activated and when the time is up a pulsating light turns on?


If you study programming you can do this. You can accomplish this using the Arduino platform.

What experience in electronics or programming do you have? What kind of light do you want to turn on.


Also tell us whether the user can modify the countdown time, and if so, what kind of control interface would you use for that.

examples in the IDE have most of the clues.

read debounce and think how that delay can be your guide.

Nice bird Dave.


Hi. Thanks for your comments! I don't study programming so is there a particular type of code I could look into learning how to write in order to create a countdown timer that ends with pulsating lights? I'm very new to electronics and programming.

The lights are LED Strip lights.

I would like the user to be able to modify the countdown but have no idea what kind of control interface I would need to use for that.

I'll look into debounce. Thanks.

Thank you again :)