Counter as stopwatch.

Working on Arduino project faced some difficulties with high speed time measurement. Therefore, not to put all my egg in one basket I will try to work on hardware solution at same time. I learnt about counters but is there a type that would self-increment when triggered externally? Or additional logic is always required?

Naah, come on! :astonished:

Explain to us what you want to do. Properly.

Check Timer/Counter0/1/2 with PWM chapters at atmega328 Datasheet

"Depending of the mode of operation used, the counter is cleared, incremented, or decremented
at each timer clock (clkT0). clkT0 can be generated from an external or internal clock source,
selected by the Clock Select bits (CS02:0)."

Paul_B Sorry about that. Here are some details. Two signals are to be expected in about 500 us interval. Both signals will have square impulse shape. Time accuracy is to be at least of 1us as difference between 500 us and measurement is what is of Interest. 1st and 2nd (start and stop) are from separate source.

Alsem Thank you I am developing program for that however my knowledge of Atmega programing is basic just starting therefore I prefer to relay on external hardware and use Arduino as simply as possible in this case to convert data to LCD format.

Perhaps this plot will explain more please not that green waveform is currently swinging from -5V to +5V this is to be fixed to 0V to 5V. Also slope to be steeper due to faster comparator.