Counter for a machine with calculations

Hi everyone, i am need to Arduino products. I am looking to use the Arduino for a special project for our machines. We produce plastic bags. I need the Arduino to work as a timer , meaning our machine continuously produces plastic bags from film. There is a electronic counter on the machine to notify the operator when the count is full ( example if we are packing 100 bags in a box), Then the counter resets. I want to measure the time between each bag, then use that time in a formula to calculate how many pounds it produce per hour. I need a variable to input for the weight of the bag, then calculate the pounds per hour based on 3600 seconds divide by the time of the bag x the bag weight. also I need to sometimes use a count of ten bag times instead of each bag, because the bags are extremely small.

Any help will be greatly appreciate

Do you want to build a standalone Arduino system with display and keypad? That would be a big project for a beginner.

If not, you will need a laptop or similar computer nearby, to display output to the operator and provide input to the Arduino, in which case you don't need an Arduino.

In either case, the interface to the bag machine will require on-site technical expertise with electronics.

I want a standalone. Also I am not worried about the electronics, because we fix our machines. Some of them have plc's It is just that we do not program.

There are plenty of standalone Arduino projects on the web that have a keyboard and some sort of display.

Google "Arduino keypad lcd tutorial" for examples with code, but here two, randomly chosen:

Get something like that working and then post a description of the available interface connections on the bag machine. Forum members can help from there.

There are also a number of interface examples that come with the Arduino IDE, and we highly recommend that you study them.