Counter problem

Hello .
I have a question , I'm getting a parameter "Buttons"
That gets the values between 1-12 it means when i press the button a the Buttons parameter is 1 and when i stop pressing its zero .
And i want to do something like this : when i press one time on the button a a LED is tern ON
And when i press the A button Again the LED is OFF
Can someone help me with the code ???

I have something like this
Int count=0;
Led on statement
Led off statement

This looks like a classic x-y problem to me

Trying to toggle the led with a pushbutton? One of the important things to remember about Arduino is that early on, whatever you can think up, it’s already been done by someone and with the right search terms, you can find it on the web. Like this:

Search string: toggle led with pushbutton

First link in google:

“I have something like this ”

You should show us ‘exactly’ what you have.

Look at the state change detection example that comes with the IDE.