counter set up and average result

I'm trying to set a sampling counter loop with an average result after 20 samples. I'm lost in the syntax and would like some gentle help, I'm a neophite at this. Below is how I think it could be:

{sample=1to20; samples=sample+analogPin; delay(250); next sample; temp=samples/20; Serial.println(temp); samples=0;}

Any suggestion? ...

You have the right kind of logic going on there, but the syntax is a bit off.

Try looking at the details here and see if that helps.

Oh and you would also want the line adding up the total to be of the nature, samples=samples+analogue pin, rather than sample+analogue pin (using sample and samples as names for different variables makes it easy to use one where you meant to use the other without meaning to - and can be difficult to spot when it comes to debugging)