Counterfeit Arduino Nano FT232RL chip fails after programming

I've been using two Arduino Nano boards utilizing counterfeit FT232RL USB-UART interfaces for quite a while now. Thanks to FTDI, both devices had their PIDs set to 0.

I recently got my OS reinstalled and instead of just simply installing the proper drivers manually, I thought it'd be better having the chips PIDs fixed.

So after installing the drivers, I grabbed FTDI's MProg utility, and programmed both chips with a slightly modified blank FT232R template. (I set C0 to TXLED#, and C1 to RXLED#)

The next thing I tried was to upload the classic 'Blink' example to the board. When the IDE began 'Uploading...' the sketch, the RX and TX leds flashed a few times, then the board restarted, and the upload hung. Before applying the default templates to the chips, besides the FT232's having their PIDs set to 0 they functioned properly.

I think programming the FT323s like this was kind of a big mistake (yes, we all know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it) so I'd be very thankful if someone having a fully functional Arduino Nano board with a FT232RL chip could download FTDI's MProg utility, Read and Parse the chip's EEPROM data, then post or upload a copy of the exported template file.

Thanks in advance, Vic

Yeah - I am starting to wonder if any FTDI chips aren't counterfeit. All of mine, including ones from so-called "reputable suppliers" stopped working.

I got fed up with that runaround, and switched to using CH340Gs for all my serial adapters, because they're the only ones that I can trust won't randomly get bricked. They're also cheaper than counterfeit FT232's ;-)

(sorry for not having any useful content)