Counting e-mail messages?

I have an application in my office that I'd like to use an arduino board for - and it requires counting the number of e-mail messages I receive (preferably with specific text in the e-mail message).

I'm not sure how I can interface an arduino board to an e-mail account. I suppose I could have messages forwarded to Gmail, if necessary and count them from there.

Is this even possible?

that depends.. if you want to have the Ethernet shield running, it should be doable.. but it's hard to do.. then again if you have a program running in background that does all the searching and counting its kind of easy.

Counting email messages should be easy, just look at RFC1939: RFC 1939: Post Office Protocol - Version 3

The STAT command returns the number of messages in the mailbox.

You can use the LIST command to get the current message numbers, then use the RETR command to get a whole message, or the TOP command (if your POP server supports it) to get a certain number of lines from the message.

There is a post at Hack A Day that might be useful to you.

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Yep, see this thread:

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