counting pulses

I can't seem to find a tut on how to do it. Any of you guys know one or could explain it to me?

Have you tried Google? I get lots of pages describing exactly that.

Before you post next time read the sticky post at the top of the forum!

I have read the stickie. I found it.

Not sure of an available tutorial, but the arduino has a simple to use user interrupts available on pins 2 and 3 on a standard arduino. You can have the pulse signal wired to such a pin and have your user ISR routine just count up for each received pulse. What you probably need to supply is how fast (maximum) the pulse stream can be, how high a number you may want to count up to before resetting the count, if you so desire. It's all the little and major details that tend to point to the 'best' way to count pulses.