Couple of my props

These are HD, so you might wanna go view em on youtube.

Pretty cool stuff, are you making those for other people?

Where did you get the switchbuttons with a light/LED in it?

Yep, I sell these mounted in plastic shells I mold.

The illuminated pushbuttons I got from, but you can find them on lots of sites., and also carry them. I think radio shack even sells one.

Here's the ones I'm using:

You have to buy the switch, led, and lens for these ones seperately, but they're all together on the same page in the catalog.

Do you have pictures/videos of the completed products? Sounds really interesting :).

How do you you mold those shells?

If you go to the youtube channel, some of he videos show earlier completed versions. They were made from wood, and had a simpler 555 circuit, the new ones are made from plastic, but the shape is the same.

The shells I made by first making a wood shell out of wood you can find at hobby shops called basswood. Then I made a mold box and placed the wood shell in the bottom halfway embedded in clay, then I sprayed mold release on it so the silicone wouldn't stick, then I poured the silicone over it, let it dry for 12 hours, then flipped the mold box over and removed the clay, sprayed more release, and poured the silicone again. Then once I had a completed silicone mold, I just need to mix and pour resin into it and 15 minutes later it's hardened enough to remove.

All the stuff you can get from

Here's some photos of the PKEs and mold making process though, I forgot I posted these: