couple quick questions on Nano 33 IOT

I have a lot of Alexa gear around the house. I wanted to interface Alexa to an HP controller I have that contains hundreds of digital and analog ports as well as other wired functions. I decided to use an Arduino 33 IOT as an interface and it took only a few minutes to get the Nano talking to Alexa.

quick questions:

  1. While the nano 33 IOT was hooked to my computer running the monitor, it seemed like it was reconnecting to the Arduino cloud every few minutes. It was also crashing the browser. When I disconnected it and just used a wall wart supply it seemed a lot better. Is there something Im doing wrong with the browser or IOT cloud app or monitor? I'm using the latest Chrome.

  2. I can currently communicate with the Nano using either Alexa voice or the IOT Cloud dashboard to activate properties I've added. If I want the nano iot 33 to send a message to Alexa when it reboots, is that possible? Is it possible to send a message that confirms the Nano 33 IOT did what it was supposed to do (assuming I can verify that with the Nano using a digital or Analog pin)? For instance, if I tell the device to close a switch that then runs a drapery motor until a limit switch is reached, I can shut off the motor but I want Alexa to broadcast a voice message telling me the drapes are closed.

  3. I've noticed that the Arduino IOT Cloud browser session keeps reloading or something, what would cause this?

I plan to use a GPIB connection from another Arduino to the Nano 33. This way my 3582 can trigger functions in the Nano 33 and then using a message as in 2, above, Alexa will tell me the drapes are closed, the bolts are thrown for certain doors, etc.

Thanks, this is really cool. It takes Alexa to a whole new level for me.


Hello! If I understood correctly, regarding the Alexa part, you are speaking about getting notified by Alexa when a change in a reading of a sensor or something else occurs. It’s a feature called routines and it has to be implemented in the code of the skill yet, but we are looking into that. So stay tuned :slight_smile: