Coupon for

Having spent hundreds of dollars over the past year or so and having my phi shields sold on, today I received a coupon from them!

SPRING10 - all orders above $10 get some shipping discount. Canada and USA get free "Standard" and USA orders get discounted "Priority" shipping (the more you spend, the bigger discount).

Coupon expires May 31, 2011

Apparently they told me to pass this around so here it is. $)

Just tried it. Total order was $64 and the coupon saved $6+ US priority mail shipping charge so shipping is free. $)

Sounds great. Do we need the actual coupon or do we just say "Liudr sent me" ?

You can just type SPRING10 at check out. Don't miss the tiny spot to type in your coupon BEFORE checkout.

Yeah, if you could mention in the notes (there's a spot at payment where you can write a short note to the seller), that I passed you the coupon, that will be great.