Covid 19, nothing to fear

If not vaccinated, you will have to personally pay for the tests as of October 15.
≈ $65.00 each time, has to be done every 3 days.

Will it be similar there ?

No they are free, you just go to the pharmacy and ask for how many boxes of seven tests you want.

On what data do you base that?

Well I’m the last in our family tree. Getting close to 70.

I’ve seen 4 members pass since I’ve joined the forum.

I don’t know more than 5 men over the age of 87.

Seems like many here are 55+; would make many 85+ in 30 years.

And after 85 most men still alive loose their memory, drool and then leave by 90.

And for some reason women last longer....hmmm

Because they make us drool and loose our memory

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I still wonder why there is not an worldwide ban on Drinks, Cigarette and other products which can cause Cancer.

The worlds economy would basically collapse.
Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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Drinks cause cancer? Who knew?

You won't live longer, but it will seem longer.


Not sure it makes much of a difference if you fear Covid or not.

For sure vaccines reduce the consequences if you get it, and slightly reduce the risk of you spreading the virus if you are infected.

However, as yet there is no cure for Covid, the vaccines do not eliminate the virus, so it seems a reasonable assumption that at some point we will all get it.

So maybe its really a case of not if you will get it but when, and I wonder if those apposed to vaccines take the same view.

I think that's exactly the point.

Here's a factor that doesn't confirm your superiority of life,

was his blood type A?

There are other non-superficial factors that can't be used to smear people with either.

Well, sigh, what a drag, and any smoking is a problem.

The Forum member Chris Tenone caught COVID in March 2020 and survived but never recovered. In August he was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer even though no tumor could be found. He died of cancer in late January.

I miss Chris very much.

Everyone, be smart, keep your families safe.


But getting it after and getting it before vaccination, are known to have substantially different outcomes. So that fact (if it is true) is not any reason for everyone to just let the thing run rampant.

My immediate family has sacrificed a lot to comply with the solutions that have been offered, even though they were not rolled out as smoothly as I would have liked. By "a lot", I really mean we were beaten up pretty badly by it. Financially, emotionally, psychologically. So I sure don't welcome any 4th wave.

My father didn't contract it, but died alone in hospital (with his disorientation and memory loss, too) because they couldn't accomodate visitors safely.

Additionally, I believe in evidence based theories vs. rhetorical or politically motivated rationalizations (as I see it). Since the beginning, I've been monitoring statistics and trends from original data sources on a daily basis.

So, to say that I take a very dim view of people who even after years of this thing going on, still don't get it. It's hard not to take it personally when you've been through what I have. Don't tell me the hardships were imposed in error or as some kind of sinister plan - I can see the results of the unconditional and overly simplistic personal choice, libertarian approach clearly manifest in the crises that are unfolding in parts of my country where people bought into that silly stuff.

I think, people have gotten into the habit of debating and proselytizing without actually looking at what is going on around them.


Sorry to hear about your dad:) My dad had vascular dementia. When he died I was not sure if he knew who I was or not. But he did go without pain and age 92.

Oh really? The dips who have no fear are most of the SPREADERS.

Ahhh, good old qualifier-free conspiracy fodder.
Reduce the consequences... if you get it which over 90% vaccinated DON'T GET COVID.

If I went into a gun battle, should I ditch the protective vest because I might get hit somewhere else? Anti-vaxx MORONS would ditch the vest, because they are STOOPID.

It's a case of if you die or live sick until you do just because of your trite attitude, I hope you don't kill too many others while thinking it doesn't much matter.

When most everyone is vaccinated without catching COVID and keeps avoiding spreading, when those who have it DIE OFF, it will be gone.
It can be done but the SELFISH MOTHERS won't let that happen.

That's what the internet brought us. Stupid has power.

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If crime were a result of drugs and alcohol there would be magnitudes more crime.

Not even going to comment that

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