Covid-19 social distance stimulator with bluetooth modules

Hi guys, I want to make a distance stimulator with arduino and two bluetooth modules (hc-05, one for master and one for slave mod). I don't know how I can write the codes. Is there any body can help me?

I have set everything. I just need codes for that; when the slave approaching 1.5 meters to the master (or vice versa) I want it to send alerts to the computer or phone.

thanks already.

Can I work as your freealncer? msg me on fb archieargallon. thanks.

I do not understant what it's mean, but if it's a good thing, I accept :slight_smile:

I want to calculate distance between both modules and arduino with using signal strength. I still need help.

Measuring distance using Bluetooth is extremely inaccurate. For social distance purposes it's virtually useless.
I remember reading something about time-of-flight distance measurement with an esp32 or esp8266. Maybe that could work with reasonable accuracy.