.cpp/.c vs .ino???

Hi, I was wondering if the arduino .ino sketch file format was any different from standard .cpp or .c file formats, because I really want to just code in some other IDE and drag'n'drop into the ArduinoIDE, cuz the ArduinoIDE was so boring.

They're all just essentially text files with a different extension so you can use whatever text editing software you want. The IDE even gives you the option to do it that way

cuz the ArduinoIDE was so boring.

It was boring, but now . . ?

I use the Geany editor for all my Arduino files (mostly I use .ino files) and I have a short Python program that uses the command-line option of the IDE to compile and upload programs directly from Geany.


The IDE does some preprocessing on .ino files: it attempts to generate function prototypes, it automatically adds #include <Arduino.h>, and possibly a couple of other things.

You will almost certainly need to at least add the header to .cpp files.

AFAIK, there’s no reason why the .ino can’t be empty. All you need to do is define setup() and loop() somewhere that gets linked.