CPU clock speed & CPU delivery speed

So many things sometimes bordering me concerning cpu clock speed verses what it can deliver, work with and the code size,
For instance atmega168 clock 16Mhz verses ? and the code size,

Please help with a little calculations,

you are not asking something concrete...

Very roughly, the 16MHz is 125 times slower than a typical (2GHz) desktop PC or phone CPU. Therefore, a bunch of things that you might take for granted on such systems are impossible for an Arduino: high res graphics, video, cameras, fancy user interfaces, and mp3 decoding or encoding are some quick examples. On the other hand, it can still do thousands to millions of "simple" things (read a switch or knob, input from a keyboard, output to an LED, etc) every second, which is much faster than most "real world" events (like interacting with people.)

Thanks, I think these was what I was waiting to hear , so for pal video of 5Mhz which type of processor speed can read

A Core 2 quad would be a sensible choice.