Crap! Endless serial transmission wont let me upload!

Hey everyone, I wrote a sketch to test out manipulating variables with bitwise operators, and I wanted to see the result I got, so I used Serial.println(var); to transmit the var once the arduino finished with the bitwise operation. Unfortunately, I did not think this through and placed that function in the loop() function. Now, my arduino is continuously outputting one variable and I cannot even open the serial monitor to view the data. I think it is outputting too much for the serial monitor to read. Also, I can no longer upload sketches anymore, probably because the arduino is just constantly sending serial data.

Please help me! What can I do to fix it?

Press & hold the reset button. When the IDE says "compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes", something like that, release the reset. May take a couple tries to find the right time. Definitely do-able.

Ok, should i do this while uploading a sketch or should i just hold it down and wait for that message?

You can't do it while uploading the sketch because you can't currently upload a sketch.

Press and release when you see that message. As CR says it often take a few tries to get it right.


Thanks, this fixed it.