[CRASH] Mega + Yun Shield + wifi + LAN + high load

When using the Mega 2560 with the shield, wifi enabled and LAN connected, when applying a high load on the CPU the YUN just resets. Is this down to the power consumption? Would it be the Mega tripping or the yun? Do I have any alternatives ?

Currently powered by a 12V/1A DC jack, have tried a 2A.


have you tried to power it by 5V?

how to do you apply a "high load on the CPU"?


Hi Marco,

Yes also a 5V Adaptor from else where, that didn't help :frowning:

high load, just a simple while loop in bash code, doesn't quite cause 100% usage but it causes enough to reset!

Not that I really need the Wifi enabled (It's currently disabled, the coverage just isn't amazing and I'm struggling to find an adaptor here in the UK which will fit without spending lots of money)