Crazy Golf at FON 5/6 th August

Crazy Golf Hack by Sound Network and invited artists Crazy Golf Hack is a site specific physical computing workshop and exhibition aiming to extend and support socially engaged contexts for interaction design and technology based art and cultural practice curated by artist Ross Dalziel. Invited artists include Chiz Turnross, Douglas Laing and one or two special guests.

Plus me as one of the special guests. :)

Free installations for Barrow Park - Barrow in Furnaces - Cumbria - U.K. CRAZY GOLF HACK - Sound Network and invited artists THE OPEN SOURCE SWAN PEDALO - Re-Dock SUMMER SOUND PARK - Tal Hadad AUDIO EXPLORERS - Schools from around South Cumbria FON AIR ARCHIVE - Bandstand works from Paul Rooney & more. Running from 1pm-5pm at the pavilion and surrounding area.

All done it was quite fun.

To see what I did look at:-,68812.0.html