Crazy People

We all surly must remember those thick cut books, if not from our children's childhood then from our own. Those books whose pages were divided into three. Open it up and there would stand some perfectly ordinary character, but turn one third of a page and he would acquire a different head, body or legs. Some of these chimeras were interesting and some were even funny. However, one wonders in these politically correct days, if it is quite all right to laugh at a bearded business man wearing a short skirt, or a girl with bulging biceps. That not withstanding, I want to take this concept into the computer age with this project and produce a system where you can produce you own art work or even photographic mixed up crazy people.

Using three RFID readers and a Processing sketch, full schematics and software on the website.



We all surly

Must resist comment... :D


Phil, some are more surly than others. I prefer the term "curmudgeon" because it sounds vaguely cuddly yet prickly.

I like the idea, Grumpy. I'll have to review the pages you linked at home tonight. Like you, I can't see everything I want to see while I'm at the office.

Aren't grumpy dyslexics all surly?

Aren't grumpy dyslexics all surly?

No - the one I knew was Nicki.

That is an excellent use of the technology Mike. There is surely an idea for a marketable PC game in there.