CRC function posted to playground

Hi all,

I wrote a library for a project that implements the creation of a CRC checksum because I couldn't find anything that was Arduino-oriented when googling or looking through the playground (save for the Shark Protocol; I thought that it would be helpful to post to the playground, but you can find it here.

I've been tinkering with Arduino's for a couple years now, but this is my first library and contribution to the community.

Always looking for feedback and if this capability exists somewhere else, please let me know. No need for redundancy.


I haven't used it but I think this is one: GitHub - FrankBoesing/FastCRC: Fast CRC library for PC and ARDUINO. I think it's good to have multiple options available but you might be interested to look at it

Thanks for the insight, pert. The code that links too has more sophisticated syntax than mine and is certainly a great example of a crc algorithm. Mine should find some use due to its simplicity and using Arduino wrappers.

Thanks again!