Create 1 port in SKY BROADBAND for the arduino to work on the Internet.

I try to do a project with the arduino mega 2560 + w5100 Ethernet Shield but I found a huge question that I would like to see resolved with the help of the forum. Knowing that my ip address is how do I do that all the information send from anywhere in the world via the internet can come to for my port that supposedly created earlier (w5100 port). What steps must I do to forward my ip address in SKY BROADBAND menu? I use windows 7. My router is sagem. Thanks for any help. I am really new to internet and arduino.

Take a look at the manual for your sagem router. If it supports some kind of port forwarding you're fine, else you probably have to have a new router.

Thanks for your opinion but my router is fine. The problem is me.
I do not know how or where can I send my internet just for one port when someone tries to contact me.
For example typing in my ip address in the browser and this be referred to the special port created by me. (still remember that in the UK use Sky Broadband.)

A quick search on the internet for your Sky Broadband shows that YOU have to configure your router (the Sagem) to do the port forwarding. There are several forum threads about how to do this but it seems to depend on the type of router you have. Google "sky broadband port forwarding" and you get what you probably want. There is no difference between using an X-box or an arduino at the end regarding your problem.