create a file from Pc on SD card

Someone can help me, i have a doubt, if i have a SD card module on arduino with a Sd card i can create a file from pc on arduino SD card?
Thank you


The only means by which I know how to get a file from a PC to an SD card on an Arduino system is to remove the card and insert it into your PC or to upload the file using a browser if the Arduino is running as a web server and has an implementation of functionality to receive file uploads destined for its SD card.

I use the latter which does allow me to make some updates to my system without shutting it down to load the new or updated SD card file that the system uses.

As far as I am aware I am the only person to implement this functionality in a robust way on the Arduino platform. I use a Freetronics Ethermega system - you need the 256KB of flash and 8KB of SRAM to implement this quite complex functionality.


Catweazle NZ