Create a menu with nokia5110 and a joystick module

Hi,i am trying to make a menu interface for my arduino.I am using a arduino uno, nokia5110 lcd and a joystick module.
I have noticed after a little bit of research that there is not any library or example code how to make a simple menu.
For example lets say that we want make a simple menu
First the lcd should be something like that:


(here we should move the joystick to select a item)

and when we select something to open a new menu or just print something.

Do you have any ideas how to approach this problem?
or where to start?

any advice will be appreciated

Searching "menu" in the Arduino IDE's library manager will yield several results that will help you manage a menu, such as handling button presses and keeping track of states. I'd start by getting the menu to work with your joystick, perhaps using the serial port to simulate your output, then integrate the LCD code.