Create a motor


I am looking to create a project that needs a motor to turn like a clock at 36 degrees per turn so that after 10 turns the spindle had turned 360 degrees

There motor needs to make a 36 degree turns every 12 hrs so that after 5 days the motor has turned a full 360 degrees

I am new to Adrino so I welcome guidence as to the components would need and how I go about making the solution

Or If there is a sample project tutorial that creates the above please direct me to the resource

A common 1.8 degree per step stepper motor would work. 20 steps = 36 degrees. Or, with microstepping, the number of steps can be increased (320 steps for 36 degrees with X16 microstpping). Can't recommend a particular motor or driver without knowing how much torque is required. Another option would be a DC motor with an encoder for position feedback.

Does the motor turn 36 degrees over the span of 12 hours (3 degrees per hour) or at the 12 hour mark turn 36 degrees, stop and wait another 12 hours?

How accurately must the timing be. Precise timing will require a more precise timer than the Arduino. An RTC (Real Time Clock), time from a network or GPS can be very accurate.