Create a pcb on Esayeda

I am new to electronics and I would like to make a kind of small bluetooth connected watch, but the smallest possible with a touch key, for that I wanted to make a PCB on easyeda,
for that I used an ATmega328P-AU with a CH340G for bluetooth, a TP4056 to regulate the load, two antennas one of 16 MHz (ESB16.0000F12M25F) and another of 12 MHz (49SAT12000152050), two regulators one (AMS1117-5.0_C347223) and one (AMS1117-3.3 ) and a 0.96 inch screen,
but the concern is that I have just started and that I do not know how to connect it is different components and I do not know where to put the resistors and the capacitors so that the whole PCB works good.
I thank you in advance.

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ok I’m sorry,

must I withdraw it.

your call. Pick one forum and stick there.

I did not understand, because I just arrived sorry

Make sure you have sources for all your parts. Supply for some items has become an issue.

I already have the electronic components,
but thanks for warning me.

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