Create a remote controlled automatic light and sound sequence

Hi everbody

I'm new here and hope everyone have a good day. I'm new in Arduino too (very new, I don't have one yet and will finally buy one for this project). My project : when I press a button on a remote control (like a car remote control) or on my phone, it triggers the operation of a LED strip (first I would like it lights up but in the end it would be cool that segments of LED light up one after one until all the strip is light up) and a few seconds later an audio message is broadcast (a pre recorded message of a few secondes, my voice for exemple). So I know it needs a programmable LED strip, a sound speaker, maybe a SD card to store the message, and I think an arduino to do this.

I don't know if there is an existing system I can use to do that in the simplest way possible. I did some computer programming but several years ago and I'm french so sorry for my language and thanks to you for your help !

Hello @rickmanmorty
First of all hearty welcome to forum

Show us your schematic diagram of your project
What components are you gonna used in your project?
And reading your description , it seem you are to control the LED strip using a remote or phone to off and on the led strip
Finally you can post this in French version if you are not very comfortable here ( or still finding the difficulties in language)
And wishing you luck for project

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