Create a wireless 16-player quiz buzzer game

I want to make a quiz buzzer game machine for 16 players.

It consists of 16 input devices and 1 main device.

It checks which device is the fastest input and displays it as a lamp.

There is a button on the main device to reset the game.

I recently learned about the "nRF24L01" module.

Can I create a quiz buzzer using this module?

Please give me some information about the technical resources you can refer to.

I have experience making wired based quiz buzzers games. (Sorry this post is written in Korean)

I have no experience with this module, but from what I read about it, I think not.
The nRF24L01 is normally uses as one transmitter to one receiver, but looking at the datasheet for the nRF24L01 shows a mode with six transmitters and one receiver.

For this project, I would use the Wemos D1 Mini and MQTT. This would be pretty easy to set up and you could have dozens of buttons. It does, however, require WiFi.