Create and play very simple sounds?

Most of the things I do with Arduino are just toys and the like. I find that I learn a lot every time I take an interest in a new project. With that in mind, I wan to "hack" a baby doll. I would like to make a baby doll that says slightly creepy things instead of the normal goo-goo stuff. What I need is a place to start.

I would like to do this with minimum parts. The board inside the baby doll I picked up to play with is a small thing that just reads an input and plays a sound, when the input is repeated another sound plays, and the system just loops through sounds. I would like to get as close to that as possible. I guess just for the sake of staying within the nature of the original toy.

If this all works the way I think of it in my head I would eventually take this project off the Uno I have setting here and put it on another chip and on a board inside the doll that would just set around my office waiting for one of my friends/family members to pick up this seemingly out of place doll only to find it isn't normal at all.

I just want to do something fun. What I need is someone to point to the information that will lead me down the right road. I don't want to have to use a memory card and some shield, the doll just has a small chip with everything going on right there. I expect and will accept limitations.

I know what I need is out there, I just don't know enough to know how to find it.

You can get about 3.5 seconds of sound in a Uno's program memory. Is that enough?

I can work with that. Does that leave enough room for a simple input to trigger said sounds and a means to rotate through a few sounds?

Can you tell me where to start with what you are talking about? If nothing else I'll learn that and see what I can do with it. If I have to look back and find another way I have learned a new thing or two along the way and that is worth something too.

Can you suggest another way?

Honestly I could ask 1000 questions but I don't want to flood you with my random wondering. I feel certain getting started will lead to something else that will in turn move me along my way. In the end I normally end up doing something different than my original intent, but such seems to be the way of the discovery and invention.

Thank you for your reply.

There are lots of examples on the net, one is here

But it think the simplest example is unfortunately in a book. However it is my book