Create Hotspot using SIM to connect multiple esp32 that can upload data online

Hi, i wish to use a SIM card to send SMS and also to make an Hotspot to wich i will connect multiple Esp32 that will upload data online.
Is there any way?

I've found this module but i didn't understand if it possible to use it make an Hotspot using a SIM card.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

You’re going to need a bit of software..
Something to drive the cellular shield, to establish the data connection, then as you suggest, a second (ESP) or similar to create a 2.4G WiFi hotspot, and finally some code to register the clients / connections and pull it all together.

Personally, although I could do it, I’d be buying a retail cellular hotspot with all the features it offers. I’d guess in Australia that will be about $120-150 plus data plan.

Forget about GSM, for data that’s almost irrelevant, even 3G is scheduled or shutdown in some regions.
If you’re designing new gear, it has to be 4G or better - the SIM-7600 family is what I now use for 4G cellular projects.