create hyperlink in web server

I"m using the web server sketch to post a bit of sensor data, and wanted to add a “Visit our Main Site” link.

In the sketch at the beginning there’s the IDing of the address:

char link[]=“”;

Later, I add the html:

client.println(“Link: “);
client.print(“<a href=”);
client.println(“>Visit our Main Site”);


The result is that the web address gets added to the address bar behind the IP, (example: but the page just keeps refreshing itself.

Try putting the address into quotes (which means using backslash-quote in your code).

How would that look? I've got the address in double quotes as is. I"m not familiar with backslash quote.

You should use an absolute link

char link[]="";

It works! THanks!

How would that look? I’ve got the address in double quotes as is. I"m not familiar with backslash quote.

client.print("<a href=\"");
client.println("\">Visit our Main Site</a>");

Now that would generate:

<a href="whatever">Visit our Main Site</a>

webpage = “<a href=“”;
webpage+=”">Click Here for More projects";

I have a servo motor hooked up to my esp8266
And the web link to my sketch code is this

webPage += "<a href=“10”>Forwards
webPage += "<a href=“60”>Backwards

When I click forward button every time I want the sequence to go from 0-50 and repeat over and over as I click, because that’s what moves my modified servo motor clockwise.

And from 60-100 rotates anticlockwise
How would I go incorporating a infinite loop from 0-50 every time I click the forward button