Create/modify a Windows Mouse driver with Ard-BT?

  • I already success to use Arduino BT (COM5, 115200 baudrate, 8bit, 1 Stop, None) to send data with 3 bytes exactly as a Serial Mouse (please see the link

  • By opening Hyperterminal COM5, I can see data sending from my Bluetooth device as mentioned above

[u]My question is[/u]:

a. Can I install/modify the SerialMouse driver (c:\Windows\system32.sys) to use these data as a Window Serial Mouse device?

b. Is there another way to do create a new Window Serial mouse driver (without using my own installation application)?

c. Any other suggestion?

Thanks to any help, :-/

I’m also interested in converting output from sensors into input that would work seamlessly with a mouse? Has there been any progress on this topic?

Sorry about the link, here is the update:

I still can not make it work as a Serial Mouse driver & still working on it!