Create my own Arduino Due board

Hi all,

First of all, I suppose this was already posted on the forum, but I didn't find nothing useful by searching. Sorry if I create a duplicated post.

Long story short: I've designed my own arduino board based on ATMEGA1284P, so far so good. But I needed more power to use TFT color displays with 800x600 or more resolution. So I am thinking on the Due. However the standard Arduino Due board it's not suitable for me, it is very basic, un-isolated and so on, so I need to create a robust hardware.

The questions I have are: 1.- Is the Arm IC available for purchasing? I didn't saw it at RS. 2.- I want to upload the program via Arduino IDE, however it is not important if I have to do it with a programmer rather than and USB (because I understand that with the new IC the bootloader will not be there, no problem! (I do the same with the 1284p: I program it through an AVRISP).

Thanks so much for your time! Any clue will be greatly appreciated.

Is the Arm IC available for purchasing?

Arm don't make ICs. However, their designs are incorporated into many products from the major semiconductor manufacturers.

Yes I know Arm only designs the Ic's. I've checked now and I found the SAM3X8C on RS, it chages the final character, but suppose it will be very similar. RS ref. Nr. 769-2527

And it is even cheaper than ATMEGA2560!

So now the important point it Nr.2: Programming the Arm with the IDE.