Create schematic of LCDs

I order to actualise the documentation of a project, I need to create a diagram that describe the behaviour of an user menu. I need to create a lot of images that looks like this:


I am looking for recommendation of a software to generate this kind of images with custom text on the LCD.

We need more information, such as what is the LCD controller. Are the images bit images? What format? What is the target computer. What is the LCD? Links to the technical information on the hardware will help us help you.

Does it have to be an image? Does it have to show the individual pixels?

This was quickly done in LibreOffice Writer, Word will be able to do the same; I did not pay too much attention to the exact width.

How about this? It seems to do what you want:

Create the image then you can download it right from the web page.

--- bill

@bperrybap found an easiest solution but thanks you for offering

That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

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