Create WiFi and distribute data to clients


i want to create a wifi clients can connect to and transmit analog input signals of the board to that clients.

at the moment i am able to set up a wifi with the board (access point or ad hoc make sense to me?), which then assigns an ip address to connected clients. but how can the board itself transmit data via that wifi? Most interesting for me would be something like e.g. WiFiChatServer ( -- which is not working. my guess is, it does not work because it applies to boards with wifi shields only -- and the yún has no shield, but another connection to the linino/wifi part? anyway, after uploading the code execution halts at the point where the wif-shield-check is running. i also tried connecting to my own wifi, meaning to connect the arduino via a sketch to the acces point on the linino side which i configured via the webinterface. haven't tried that with an ad hoc wifi on the linino side yet, because i feel i'm missing something essential?

how is it possible for the yún to transmit data to attached clients via it's own wifi?

Does no one have an idea?

Read the fine manual, it is covered here: