Create your bluetooth control for Arduino with android (w/ voice recognition)

With Androard PRO it is possible to have multiple fully customizable layouts and send custom commands for your project. The program has a library of objects that are:
Sends a command when pressed and drop.

Sends a command when connected and off.
(The same commands defined in the application is sent from the Arduino used to turn on and off)

Sends a command to slide the bar to the value between 0 and 100.
(The same command defined in the application is sent from the Arduino change the position of the bar)

Sends a command when pressed and drop the respective directions.

Sends a command to each position x, y from analog to move the respective directions.

Send a command for each axis x, y, z in a range of -100 to 100 to update the set time.

Text field:
Displays a set text in the application or sent from the Arduino.
(If the text is sent from the Arduino use #n for newline)

Voice recognition:
Sends a command voice for Arduino
(The command is sent in lower case)

Send latitude, longitude, altitude (m) velocity (m / s), horizontal accuracy and vertical accuracy of GPS for Arduino.
The application also includes Terminal Mode


  • Application includes commands sent automatically at the end of each line '\ n' which should be used in conjunction with readStringUntil ('\ n'); in Arduino.

  • When you send a command to the Arduino application to use println ();

  • When connecting the Arduino is sent an BLUETOOTH_CONNECTED command and disconnect BLUETOOTH_DISCONNECTED.

Examples in PDF


Version FREE

Tested on devices:
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy Gran Prime

  • Optimized for aspect screens 16: 9

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Need an object or just report any error contact the developer via email:

So it is possible to change the language?
The code to receive looks really simple.
This app will be a joy to use. Thanks for posting!