Created Dashboard using DHT22, HUZZAH ESP8266 BUT "nan" data a problem

I’m consistently having “nan” problems using HUZZAH and WICED Feathers using DHT22 and their sketches. The dashboard is showing graphs but no numbers. This makes my project useless. Others are having similar problems. One guy has written a forum topic on this problem. Topic: DHT11 and DHT22 bus should not be set output and high. I don’t know enough to assess or comment on this purported problem.

Can anyone help me with this nan problem?



adafruitio_15_temp_humidity_donotuse.ino (2.46 KB)

If celsius is a NAN (you did not say), then event.temperature is a NAN (Not A Number) and something is wrong with


Could the example be broken? Could your wiring be wrong?

By the way, it is common practice to copy and paste the code inline instead of expecting someone to download the attachment first.

All data is NAN (Celcius, Fahrenheit and Humidity).

I’ve tried several different examples and all report all data as NAN. All of these examples more complex than anything I’ve seen before but I’ve managed to get them to compile and load. Maybe the example(s) is broken but why wouldn’t they throw errors?

So, how could I troubleshoot this (dht.temperature().getEvent(&event);). Is it a sensor problem or data collection/handling problem? Or is my dashboard a problem? I really don’t know where to start.


I do not know that library so I am afraid that I cannot help. Sorry!