Created launcher for programs on linux(ubuntu) from arduino

Since linux does not have eventghost like windows, I created a launcher for programs for linux

You run a launcher python script on your htpc/computer under ubuntu

from an arduino you can launch programs on your htpc/computer by sending a http get command from an arduino with ethernet shield to the launcher python script running on your htpc/computer

and do stuff like:

start/stop xbmc
start/stop chrome
change your wallpaper
launch url's in chrome
start terminal
start nemo

as a confirmation that a program started on your htpc/computer, a pushover notification is send to your phone/tablet

but you can comment out/delete that code if you don't want/need this

You can also use the android/iOS apps Tasker or NetIO to launch the programs on your htpc/computer instead of using an arduino

code is here:

"spambus" does not inspire confidence.