Creating 30+ Arduino gloves that communicate interchangeably

Hey guys, I'm a second year university student and we're doing a group project at the moment where we have to come up with a concept for something useful involving arduinos.

Our idea is gloves that people can wear, and when they shake hands (with their gloves on), they transfer information. (Eg just an ID number)

I've tried googling this but we're all new to all of this so I'm lost already. I guess we want an arduino and a wifi shield where we can connect to a website (or a server that connects to a website?) for each glove, where the information will be changed into something relevant. (I hope that makes sense!)

The problem we're having is we need a list of hardware we'd use, and the basic set up. We got so carried away with the idea that we didn't realise we'd made the project much harder than any of us are capable of :stuck_out_tongue: we don't need to build anything, just a concept that would work in theory.

I've had a look at making the arduinos communicate via bluetooth but it looks like you need some kind of master/slave set up for that? Or using xbee? (I'm not sure what that is but it looked promising)

Sorry for being a desperate noob but I have idea what I'm doing and its due pretty soon, haha!

Absolutely any help, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

All the best!

My suggestion would be:

  1. a switch in the thumb part of the glove, on the ball of the thumb, so that when the two shake hands the switches close to signal a transfer of data is in progress.
  2. An infra red LED in the tip of the middle finger to transmit the data.
  3. An infra red receiver (diode or transistor) on the sleeve of the glove (near to where the middle finger of the opposing hand will be, you'll have to experiment to find the correct location that will work for all hand sizes) to receive the data.
  4. An indicator led or piezo sounder to signal data transfer has been successful.
  5. A temperature or capacitive sensor to tell when the glove is on a hand.
  6. An indicator LED to show that the glove is 'active'. Maybe flash this when data transfer has been successful, instead of No.4
  7. All these connected via an umbilical to an Arduino with a Bluetooth shield, perhaps in a pocket, with a battery pack. I'd rule out XBee, as it would only be able to talk to one signal at a time, but see below.
    Now the problem will be to get the receiving end to talk to more than one Arduino at a time. If I remember correctly, Bluetooth can connect to a maximum of 7 devices at the same time. If your handshakes are not simultaneous then only two Arduinos need to connect at any one time, but if there can be more than one handshake at any one time, then you've got problems. Maybe, store the data in the Arduino and only pass it back to the receiver when the glove is removed, assuming that no two gloves are removed at the same time.
    With 30 gloves, there are 29 other people to shake hands with. You can't shake hands with yourself! :slight_smile:
    There are (Sigma 29 =) 439 possible handshakes, each involving 2 gloves, a total of 878 pieces of data.
    Where are you going to store it and in what format? A spreadsheet would probably be your best option.
    How will you use that data?

Sorry, I missed your mention of Wifi. That would probably be the easiest to accomplish what you want. Forget Bluetooth and Xbee.

How about a promini and bluetooth?
Can have a switch in the gloves that signal to pair up long enough to share info, then unpair until next switch closure.
Do the same to pair up to a PC to transfer the stored info out.