Creating 5V/GND rails on MEGA protoshield

I'm a beginner to soldering. I would like to create power and ground rails on a prototype shield but I'm not sure the cleanest way to it.

I'm using the following proto shield.

It has the power/ground rails on the bottom left, but because of other shields I'm stacking, I need power/ground rails on the right near pins 14-21 where I'm putting in screw terminal blocks.

Is there a better way to make rails other than soldering all the holes together at the bottom after I've put in the screw terminals? I was thinking there might be a piece of metal with holes in it I could buy for a cleaner implementation. I'm not fantastic at soldering and don't want to have the rails I clumsily make end up touching each other at some point.

Use buswire or similar solid wire and solder it in place.