Creating a black panther statue

Im making a black panther statue for my son, i was wondering is it possible to make it light up and say some key quotes from the movie. I have a nano board and i can get the uv lights to fade on and off. I also have a dy-sv5w mp3 playback module. I wanted to use a vibration sensor or reed switch or similar to trigger the lights and sounds. I want to get the sounds to play random quotes from the sd card, but im not sure if it’s possible to mash them all together to work how I envision it. Any tips or hints would be greatly appreciated.

SparkFun sells an MP3 board.

I have one, the instructions say it can be used with arduino.

Take some time and run tutorials for all your sensors and actuators will be used for the project.
After you have learned how these things works you are able to merge they to the desired project.
Have a nice day and enjoy coding in C++.

Okay. So find some libraries and do some research. If you have a more specific question come back later.

So is it possible, im more than happy to do my own research i was just wondering can it be done?

The answer is yes, of course you can.
The next question is if YOU can?
As other have suggested, try examples, there are many built right into the Arduino IDE.
Try and make some code that does the things that you want. If it works, fantastic, but if it doesn't bring it back here and post it.
You are much more likely to get help if you try first.
Alternatively, if it's too much you can always try and hire someone to do it for you in the Jobs and Paid Consultancy - Arduino Forum section.

Wouldn't a black panther be opaque to light? Just saying...

Indeed, but in the movie when the suit converts kinetic energy into potential energy it glows purple. Also makes it nice for crossing streets safely.

I have uv purple paint to put still if that works im all in.

Great, but what would you do with it?

I would go much simpler. Try a chain of WS2812B LEDs and the FastLED library.
The issue with the UV paint is that the lights would have to shine on it, not from it, makes sense?

A "can I do it" question does depend on knowing a little bit at least, what "it" is. Because something that I consider a satisfactory solution might not interest you.

Before you reply again, be aware that new users have a post limit on the first day. So if we continue in question and answer format, you will be locked out eventually. Best to think a bit and post as much information as you can, all at once.

Ok so i almost got this figured out. Ive attached a very crude schematic. So to get the mp3 player to play the separate tracks i had to set the leds to high, when the switch is presses 1,2,3 the lights comes off and plays the appropriate track. Is there something i can replace the leds with such as a resistor to have them not light up all the time. I also plan to add some twinkling or fading uv leds as well, can i just squeeze that sketch into the one i have for the mp3

How many LEDs do you plan on using?

Not exactly sure, will test once i get the uv reactive paint. Probably 3 or 4. Really depends on the spread. I have 12v leds with me but they arnt bright enough waiting for the 5v leds to come in.

Please share the product link to your new LEDs.

That module playback can be controlled by Serial which means you can do whatever you want with it and Arduino

Yeah im not smart enough for that yet. It all went over my head