creating a controller for a rc car using 2.4ghz with arduino

so im trying to create a rc car remote and are having problems with the gyro and the coding for controlling the car as well as using 2.4 ghz signal to connect to the reciever on the car.

i currently have:
GY-50 L3G4200D 3-Axis Digital Gyro
arduino nano


I guess you may use PID algorithm or even something simplier for your front wheels to stay straight. There are plenty PID examples on the web. I myself had some problems with gyro because my gyro was very sensitive to dc motor noise.

Also from my experience: I was unable to connect nrf24l01+ to a nano module and I guess the reason was weak 3.3v current nano module produces so probably you will need additional 5v>3.3v regulator.

What will you use for a transmitter?