Creating a cURL process with an extremely long string

I’m using my Yun to curl a page using

Process p; 

When I ssh into the radio, I am able to run the specific curl command fine and see the output, but the same is not happening within the arduino sketch. I receive no response from the curl command.

I’m wondering if the extremely long url given as a parameter to the process is causing the problem. Does anyone know if this could be the case? Is there a way to monitor what’s happening in the radio after this command is sent?

Here’s an example of the curl request:

Process p;
while (p.available()>0) {
     char c =;

Further testing shows that any command i try to pass the radio, either with runShellCommand() or begin() seems to be capped at around 145 bytes. Anything above that and it wont run. Not exactly sure what is causing this.

Further testing shows that any command i try to pass the radio

What radio? What does the radio have to do with curl?

i face the same question to pass big string into curl and get no response.
Anyone have alternative solution to solved it?